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PUNCH has the pleasure to record an interesting event which occurred on Tuesday, the 9th instant.
The War Steamer "Merrimac" Raised and Converted Into a Battering Ram
The "Merrimac" as a Rebel Battering Ram. The accompanying engraving of the Herrunac is from a sketch furnished by a mechanic who came from Norfolk under a flag of truce.
History, Swimming Life Preserver

The saving of human life, whether from fire or water, and the prevention of accident generally, is a noble and philanthrophic aim, and every one who directs his attention and inventive powers to su

The death of this venerable old man, at the age of eighty-six, occurred about two weeks ago, in Solebury township, Bucks county, Pa.
Photographs for Wood Engraving
All wood engravings have hitherto been first drawn by hand on wooden blocks for the engraver, who cuts them for common letterpress printing.

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