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. By Colonel Henry Inman and Colonel William F. Cody i" Buffalo Bill.") New York: The Macmillan Co. $3.50. Colonel Inman's previous work on The Old Santa Fe Trail has won for his second book, in which he has the assistance of Colonel Cody, a hearty welcome and a ready hearing.

A careful revision for 1895 of a volume which has been published annually slnce 1873. It describes one continuous route through Ireland, Scotland, England, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy. The British Isles and Italy are given extended attention. The book is

Edward King. Nothing can be saif of "Cassell" that has not been said already by thousands of Maerican Tourists, for whose use it has long been without a rival in its distinctive field. It is still a pocket guide - not an unabridged dictionary, and it possesses the two indispensable qualities of completeness and accuracy.

The Messrs. Harper and Brothers publish The Ship's Company, by J. D. Jerrold Kelley, U. S. N. It is an excellent account of the life of those who spend their time on board the great ocean steamers, including also yachts.

By Fanny B. Workman and William H. Workman. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons. $2.00. We have had several recent volumes of travel in Spain, but this one is written from a fresh point of view - Spain as seen from the bicycle. Mr. and Mrs.
Mrs. Louise Chandler Moulton's literary output this year is represented by a series of delightful and chattily written travel papers gathered under the title Lazy Tours in Spain and Elsewhere, published by Messrs. Roberts Brothers.
Preface: The following book review is actually two book reviews in one. The article creators intertwined two book reviews. The first book mentioned is titled: "WITH THE YACHT, CAMERA, AND CYCLE IN THE MEDITERRANEAN," which was first published in 1895, by the Earl of Cavan. The second book was written by A.D. McCormick and is titled: "AN ARTIST IN THE HIMALAYAS".
The views we expressed of this admirable work in our hasty notice in the last, number of this paper, are confirmed by an attentive perusal of the portion now before the public.
Americans who are anxious to know what foreigners think of them will find considerable entertainment and some cause for indignation in A Ramble Round the World, by Baron De Hubner.

Translated from the French of Paul P. de la Gironiere, Chevalier of the Order of the Legion of Honor. Revised and extended by the author expressly tier this edition. This volume records many wild and startling adventures in the life of the author, which seem to be well authenticated by respectable testimonials.


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