is a place where we find interesting historical articles, people, books, book reviews, and much more. We research and present stories here for you, the reader.

We are focused on content from American periodicals from the early 1900's, the 1800's, and the middle to late 1700's. The direction and goal of this site is to create a historical newspaper, which will be available for research, entertainment, and to inspire the reader.

Also, this website is a process of discovering news areas of interest. For example, as the site develops, we may focus on a certain niche topic, dig deep, and present the findings on this site. We often ask ourselves... "How can we take something old and make it new again?" This simple question opens up many new avenues of media development.

How the site is organized

An overview of how content on this site is organized. Basically, there are three main areas to organize and display content...the front page, a collection of articles, and a blog.

Front Page

Currently, the front page displays articles in a categorized format. Over time, the front page will take on more of a historical newspaper look and feel. Articles from a specific time/date will be displayed according to the published date, or the date an even transpired.


These are primarily untouched, re-purposed articles that have been researched and collected from existing sources in the public domain. To aid in the readability of an article, we may preface an article by adding some context. Also for the sake of readability, we will re-format some of the text to provide links and bolding.


The blog area is where we provide the majority of our personal opinions or comments. For the most part, we separate the articles and blog posts so the reader has the chance to read an article the way it was published over 100 years ago.

One of the goals on the blog is to combine the following areas of interest, travel, photography, and history. Certain blog posts are going to entertain the concept of "historic travel".