The New Married Ojibbeway Indian

Ojibway Man in London, 1844

Though we do not usually interfere with matters of a private nature, yet a case of so peculiar a character has been brought to our notice, that we are induced to give the statement publicity, with the hope of drawing forth a satisfactory explanation of the circumstance. A correspondent informs us that Mr. Rankin, who brought over and is now exhibiting the Ojibbeway Indians, and who used his influence to promote the marriage of the interpreter of the party, Cadotte, to a respectable young female, desired the bride to remain in the room with the Indians to render the exhibition more attractive. On her declining to do so, he dismissed, so our correspondent asserts, Cadotte from his party, and the poor Indian, without employment or finances, is now left destitute with his newly-married wife on his hands. We give this statement as it has reached us, with the view of eliciting a satisfactory explanation. We have, of course, no feeling in the matter, and can bear Mr. Rankin no ill will. But, if the facts be as stated, he certainly owes it to himself and to the public, who have largely patronized this singular and interesting exhibition, to publish some justification of his conduct.—Britannia.

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