Treaty with the Creek Indians

Treaty with the Creek Indians
Substance of the treaty made and concluded between D. D. Mitchell, esq. agent for indian affairs, and the Creek nation of indians, at the Creek agency, January 22, 1818.

Art. 1. In consideration of certain sums of money to be paid to the said Creek nation by the government of the United States, as herein after stipulated to cede and forever quit the claim unto the U. States, all right, title and interest which the said nation have or claim in or unto the two following tracts of land, situate, lying and being within the following bounds, viz. 1st, beginning at the mouth of Goose creek, on the Alatamaha river, thence along the line leading to the mounts at the head of the St. Mary's river, to the point where it is inter-sected by the line run by the commissioners of the United States under the treaty at Fort Jackson; thence along the said last mentioned line to a point where a tine bearing the same shall run the nearest and a direct course by the head of a creek called by the indians Al,cas,aca,ho,ke to the Ocmulgee river; thence down the Alatamaha to the first mentioned hounds at the month of Goose creek. (1, beginning at the high shoals of the Appalachie river, and from thence along the line designated in the treaty made at the city of Washington, on the 14th day of November, 1815, to the Ulcoiouchachee, it being the first large branch, a fork of the Ocmulgee above the Seven Islands thence up the east-ern hank of the Ulcofouhatchee by the waters edge to where the path leading from the high shoals of the Appalachie to the Shallow Ford on the Chatahochee crosses the same; and from thence along the said path to the Shallow Ford on the Chatahochee river, thence up the Chatahochee river by the I water's edge on the eastern side to Suwama Old Town; thence by a direct line to the head of Appalachie, and thence down the same to the first mentioned hounds st the high shoals of Appalachie.

Art. 2. The United States are to pay within the present year, the sum of twenty thousand dollars and ten thousand dollars annually for the term of ten succeeding years without interest, making in the whole eleven payment's in the course of eleven years, the present year inclusive and the whole sum to he paid, one hundred and twenty thousand dollars.

Art. 3. Agreed on the part of the United States, that in lieu of all former stipulations relating to Blacksmiths, they will furnish the Creek nation for three years with two blacksmiths and two strikers.

Art. 4. The president may cause any line to be run, which may he necessary to designate the boundary of any part of both or either of the tracts of land ceded by this treaty, at such time and in such manner as he may deem proper. And this treaty shall be obligatory in the contracting parties as soon as the same shall be ratified by the government of the United States.

Milledgeville Reflector, of Feb. 17.
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