The War Steamer "Merrimac" Raised and Converted Into a Battering Ram

The War Steamer "Merrimac" Raised and Converted Into a Battering Ram
The "Merrimac" as a Rebel Battering Ram. The accompanying engraving of the Herrunac is from a sketch furnished by a mechanic who came from Norfolk under a flag of truce. He says that he worked on her and is of course familiar with her appearance. The Merrimac was partially burned and then sunk at the time of the destruction of the Gosport Navy Yard last spring, by the order of our government, to prevent the stores therein from falling Into the hands of the secessionists. She was one of the finest steam frigates in our navy, 3,200 tuns burthen and carrying 40 large guns. She was built at Charlestown, Mass., in 1855. We have had accounts from time to time that the secessionists had succeeded in raising the Merrimac, and were repairing her. The mechanic who furnishes the sketch says that her hull has been cut down to within three feet of her light-water mark, and a bomb-proof house built on her gun deck, and that she is not iron plated as yet. Her bow and stern have been steel clad with a projecting angle of iron for the purpose of piercing a vessel. Her armament consists of four 11-inch navy guns on each side, with one 100-pounder Armstrong at the bow and stern. She has no masts, and only a pilot-house and smoke-stack are to be seen above the bomb proof deck. Her bomb-proof is three inches thick and made of wrought iron. If the secessionists get her within reach of either of Rodman's big guns, the 15-inch or the 12-inch rifled cannon, it will afford a fine opportunity to try the effect of that ordnance on the 3-inch plates of her bomb-proof.
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