Columbia Bicycles Advertisement, 1897

Columbia Bicycles Advertisement, 1897

Hello Everyone! I ran across this advertisement in a periodical from 1897. At first I thought it was going to be an ad for a car or tires, but was surprised when the canme "Columbia Bicycles" was displayed. It reminded me of the television show "American Pickers," where the two hosts find many old bicycles. Anyway... I thought it was interesting enough to share here.

Research Topics and Areas of Interest

Hello Everyone! is now over one month old and it has been great building the site, conducting research, and overall just letting inspiration and curiosity guide the direction and content. With this blog post, I would like to share some of the thoughts that guide the type of content that is being displayed.

General History, The Beginning, The Beginning

Hello Everyone, my name is Jeremy and I am the guy behind this website. As a person with a degree in History, I have always been interested by the events of the past. This website has been an idea for many years. The initial idea is to create a website that acts and functions like a historical newspaper. This is going to be a long task... but one that has finally started. I am glad the site is now a reality. In the future, the site will continue to add content, the design will change, and the overall look and feel will take on a newspaper feel.