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Ten Nights In a Bar-Room

and What I Saw There

By T. S. Arthur. The advertisement of a new temperance volume, by the author of "Six Nights with the Washingtonians," might well be expected, at this particular time, to create a sensation, and we were not at all surprised to learn that the orders for the work reached 6,000 copies in two weeks from the day of its announcement, and before it could be got through the press. Public expectation in regard to this volume will not be disappointed. It is written in the author's best vein, and abounds in vivid portraiture and scenes of powerful and touching interest. "Step by step the author traces the downward course of the tempting vender and his infatuated victims, until both are involved in hopeless ruin. The book is marred by no exaggerations, but exhibits the actualities of bar-room life, and the consequences flowing therefrom, with a severe simplicity and adherence to truth that give to every picture a Daguerrean vividness." As an auxiliary in the present great struggle for temperance principles, it will prove of invaluable service. If the sale of "Ten Nights" does not reach 60,000 in the next six months, we shall be very much mistaken.

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Sunday, January 1, 1854 to Sunday, December 31, 1854
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