Living in Spain

Preface: The following article is from an American periodical called "The American Farmer" from 1826. This concise article focuses on the entire area of cooking, but includes a section on Breakfast. Enjoy....

A family that I got acquainted with in a provincial town in Spain, gave me an account of their expenditure. They were decent people, and though with small means, were visited by the rich. Their house was the resort of very agreeable company. The family consisted of a man and wife, their two daughters (grown up) and a maid servant.


(The pound of meat in Spain is 32 ounces.)
Half pound of beef, s. d.
Half pound of bacon, 0 5
Half pint of peas, 0 5
One onion, 0 5
One cabbage, 0 4
salad, &c. 0 4
Three pounds of fine bread, 0 4
Fuel, 0 3
1 4


Breakfast, at eight o'clock.—The beef, bacon, peas, onion, and a little spice, boiled for an hour in three pints of water, and the broth poured on a pound of bread, cut in thin slices. They take this soup with mint finely powdered.

Dinner. at one o'clock. - The same meat and peas boiled again for two hours with a cabbage, or piece of pumpkin, about 5lb. weight, seasoned with pepper. The broth of this second boiling put on sliced bread, and boiled separately for half an hour. This soup is served up tint, then the cabbage, and then the bacon.—N. B. If there arc any children, this bacon is squeezed between two slices of bread for their supper.

Supper. - The same beef chopped or minced, and put to boil for an hour. with tomatoes, capsicum, or a head of garlic, with two spoonsful Of oil, finishing with a plentiful dish of salad, onions or cucumbers, according to the season.

Drink. - Water on all occasions. he house in which they lived was their own; and their income, which was very little more than the Is 4d a day, came from the rent of three houses in the town, their only property. They had expectations from an uncle, a dignitary in the church, but he gave nothing.

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