Eggs, One nasty custom I must notice

Thomas Hamilton, Men and Manners in America, 1833
Preface: The following article is a snippet from the book "Men and Manners in America," which was first published in 1833. The book was written by Cyril Thorton, but the subject of the book was Thomas Hamilton. Thomas traveled to America in 1830 to check out the new country and had the following observations and commentary about how we ate eggs in New York at the time. Enjoy....

One nasty custom, however, I must notice. Eggs, instead of being eat from the shell, are poured into a wine-glass, and after being duly and disgustingly churned up with butter and condiment, the mixture, according to its degree of fluidity, is forthwith either spooned into the mouth, or drunk off like a liquid. The advantage gained by this unpleasant process, I do not profess to be qualified to appreciate, but I can speak from experience, to its sedative effect on the appetite of an unpractised beholder.

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