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H. G. Wells Delivers a Speech

H. G. Wells Delivers a Speech
Mr. H. G. Wells, the author of The Wheels of Chance, the clever bicycling romance recently published by the Macmillan Company, was dined by the New Vagabonds Club, in London, the other day, and in his speech incidentally brought a fresh method of grouping to bear upon reviewers. After describing authors as "seedlings," Mr. Wells divided reviewers into various families: slug reviewers, who prey on the first tender leaves of authors; bird reviewers, who peck here and there, and possibly do damage; heavy reviewers, who crush with their feet whole beds of shoots. Mr. Wells went on to complain of their methods of irrigation. Some reviewers, he said, so copiously drench the plants with the water of flattery as to rot them at the roots; others withhold water until the plants are dried up. In addition, there is, of course, the wise, far-seeing horticulturist, but he is not very common.

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