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How We Eat An Egg is a Reflection Upon Our Intelligence

How We Eat An Egg is a Reflection Upon Our Intelligence
Preface:This is an extract from an article in "The Critic" from 1893. I accidentally ran across this "egg article" while researching a completely different subject matter. If your your interested in the article, it is located in volume 22 on page 23, left column, about half way down the page. Anyway... here you go, enjoy!

I DO NOT WONDER that foreigners regard us as semi-barbarous, when they read in a magazine of such high standing as The Atlantic a successful author's account of her futile attempts to eat an egg out of the shell. The natural inference to be drawn from Mrs. Kate Douglas Wiggin's otherwise amusing "English Experiences," is that all Americans eat their eggs opened into a cup or tumbler, and hashed up with bread crumbs.

Over a hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin startled the French Court by eating eggs in this fashion. He was so popular over there, though, that the eccentricity enjoyed a short vogue as ouefs a la Franklin, but it never gained the permanent vogue of ouefs a la coque. Now for Mrs. Wiggin to pretend that after a hundred years we have not learned how to eat an egg is a reflection upon our intelligence. Of course, I know that the story of the three friends who sat up all night and spent their days in trying to learn how to eat an egg from the shell is a humorous exaggeration ; at the same time I under-stand that the author regards the art as a purely English one, unknown in the United States. From such articles as this, the foreigner gets a false impression of American manners and customs.

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