John Qunicy Adams Receives Bachelor of Arts Degree

John Qunicy Adams Receives Bachelor of Arts Degree
BOSTON, July 20. Last Wednesday being the anniversary or Commencement at the university at Cambridge, about 11 o'clock in the fore noon, his excellency the Governour and suit, his honour the lieutenant governor the honourable president of the senate, and a number of gentlemen of distinction, arrived at Harvard hail, having been accompanied on their tour from Boston by the then of the county of Suffolk, and the independent company of horse guards, commanded by colonel Swan. They were received by the fellows of the corporation. professors and tutors, and conducted to the philosophy room where the board of overseers met—The bakers necessary to be done previous to the solemnities of the day was here transacted; and about 12 o'clock they went in the usual procession to the meeting house.

The degree of BACHELOR of ARTS, was confered on the following young gentlemen. viz.

Wiliam L. Abbot,
Samuel Kellogg,
Abiel Abbot Ephraim Kendel,
John Quincy Adams,
Nathaniel Lawrence,
Jonathan Armory,
Ebenezer Learned,
Samuel Angler,
Moles Little,
Benjamin Beak,
James Lloyd,
Limes Bridge,
James Lovell,
Josiah Burge,
William Mason,
John Chandler,
Daniel Maio,
Thomas Chandler,
Samuel Mead,
Gardner L. Chandler,
Ephraim Morton,
Caleb Child,
Hezekiah Packard,
William Cranch,
John Phelps,
Peter Eaton,
Nathaniel. S. Prentiss,
Oliver Fifke,
Samuel Putnam,
John Forbes,
Isaac Rand,
Boffenger Foster,
Jonn Sever,
Nathaniel Freeman,
Solomon Vole,
Timothy Fuller,
John Jones Waldo,
Thomas Hammond,
Francis Welch,
Thaddeus M. Harris,
Leonard White,
Walter Hunnaewel,
Samuel Willard,
Joseph Jackson,
Samuel Williams,
Asa Johnson,
William S. Judd,
Robert Pierpont

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