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A Ramble Round the World

Americans who are anxious to know what foreigners think of them will find considerable entertainment and some cause for indignation in A Ramble Round the World, by Baron De Hubner. The title of the book is geographically correct, for the Baron circumnavigated the globe, and did a great deal of sight-seeing on the way As might be expected from a man who traveled in a great hurry, and yet had open eyes and a good memory, his remembrances are not of the leading characteristics of the countries he visited; they are all interesting, however, and show the writer to have been a man of humor, taste and refinement. About a fourth part of this book is devoted to the United States, in which land he learned especially to hate hotels and sleeping cars; the remainder of the volume is occupied with sketches of life and scenes in Japan and China. As a whole, Baron De Htibner's book is very interesting, but will probably have the unintended effect of showing how erroneous hasty impressions, even upon the best minds, are likely to be.

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Wednesday, February 10, 1875 to Wednesday, March 10, 1875
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