WALKS AND RIDES IN THE COUNTRY ROUND ABOUT BOSTON, covering thirty-six cities and towns, parks and public reservations within a radius of twelve miles from the State House. Written by Edwin M. Bacon and published by Houghton, Mifflin & Co. for the Appalachian Mountain Club. With four maps, in two pockets. iso illustrations. $1.25.

At the suggestion of President Eliot of Harvard, the Appalachian Mountain Club has undertaken the duty of publishing a guide to its regular Saturday afternoon walks in the vicinity of Boston, and its equally interesting rides, putting the data it has collected into the capable hands of Mr. Edwin M. Bacon, the author of Boston Illustrated, The Dictionary of Boston, and well known as an antiquarian, with few superiors in the knowledge of local history. Mr. Bacon has also been introduced to our readers recently as the writer of two papers in a series on "Old Boston Booksellers."

In his hands the plan has developed from a brief guide to walks, with distances and directions for finding the picturesque spots, to an exhaustive, but wonderfully condensed account of the most attractive rambles and rides through the region embraced in what the geologists call "The Boston Basin," and the politicians, "The Greater Boston," giving details of scenery, of historic landmarks, of geological and topographical features, noting the inscriptions on every historical monument and tablet and giving its history, making the volume an absolutely indispensable pocket companion to every pedestrian, wheel-man or horseman who desires to add to his outing some understanding of the country covered.

As a reference book for the library it is equally valuable, and there are few reasons in any of the towns included who will fail to find many features in their own vicinity, here mentioned as attractive or notable, of which they were ignorant A very complete index and the system of display type used in the Baedekers' Guides (which this book resembles in size, style, and plan) make it available either in the library or on the road.

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Thursday, July 1, 1897
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