Cotton Gin, Labor Saving Machinery


Your paper of the 13th January contains a statement, under the signature of E. in which the important invention of Whitney's cotton gin is greatly undervalued. It is there estimated to be equal in value to the labor of three thousand men. Your correspondent might much more correctly have estimated its value to be equivalent to the labor of three hundred thousand Men.

There is now annually raised in the U. States, and cleaned with Mr. Whitney's machine, about the hundred millions of pounds of short staple cotton To pick that quantity by hand, in the manner in which his species of cotton was separated from its seeds before his invention, would require the constant labor of three hundred and thirty thousand persons. The manual labor required to clean the above quantity of cotton with the aid of Whitney's gin, can now easily be performed by three hundred men, if constantly employed through the year. A3 a labor-swing machine. it is believed there is none. either of ancient or modern invention, Which can he compared to it.—By the aid of this invaluable improvement, our southern states are increasing in wealth beyond all former example.

The benefits already derived from it to the United States, must greatly exceed one hundred millions of dollars; and to estimate its annual value, for the future, at ten millions of dollars, would be fixing it at a low rate.

However extraordinary the above statement may appear, it is nevertheless true. It is also a fact, as I am informed, which adds nothing to the honor of the United States, that Mr. Whitney himself has realised very little emolument from this invention.

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