Mormon Trials

On the 21st ult. the trial of per-sons charged with the murder of Hiram and Joe Smith, commenced at Carthage, Illinois. The prisoners, J. C. Davis. late an Illinois tremor, T. C. Sharp, editor of the Warsaw Signal, Mark Aldrich, Wm. N. Grover, and Col. Levi Williams, complained by affidavit of the partial mariner in which jurors had been selected, and prayed the court that elisors be appointed to select a jury, which the court granted. The jury was not entirely empanneled at the last accounts. A correspondent of the St. Louis Republican says: "Every thing thus far has been entirely quiet and peaceable, yet there ig a deep and intense anxiety felt, which pervades all classes. Every body almost attending court comes armed to the teeth. The Mormons are said to have expressed a determination to take revenge, in case the defendants should not be convicted. but it is hoped that more discreet counsils will prevail."
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Carthage Courthouse
500 Main Street
62321 Carthage , IL
United States
40° 24' 47.7108" N, 91° 8' 8.2572" W
Illinois US