Swimming Life Preserver

History, Swimming Life Preserver

The saving of human life, whether from fire or water, and the prevention of accident generally, is a noble and philanthrophic aim, and every one who directs his attention and inventive powers to such a purpose is to be regarded as a benefactor to the human race at large, by those who have any humanity in their hearts. We are happy then to chronicle the invention and patenting of an apparatus for saving life from shipwreck and similar catastrophes, by A. J. Gibson, of Worcester, Mass. This invention consists in making a deep, broad belt of india rubber or other elastic and waterproof material, constructed with air chambers, and having combined with it hollow floats which extend along each arm and expand at the hand to furnish broad paddles or means of propulsion in the water, which aid the person wearing it, in swimming, and by this means gaining any desired place of rest or refuge.

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